Craig Groshans

Howdy ya’ll, from Dallas, TX!

Born and raised in NY, I thought I’d never leave! (I also thought I’d never say “ya’ll”, but oh well.) Manhattan is an incredible city, and was my playground all my life. It taught me a lot about the world—good and bad—as well as the beauty of its many tribes and nations.

It’s also where I met the one whom my soul loves, my wife Svetlana, originally hailing from Yekaterinburg, Russia. I am a blessed man, for I have two Rocks… Jesus and Svetlana. Me and Sveta have a beloved little rainbow baby boy and three furry children.

Friends, I was brought into the Kingdom in power. When Jesus saved me, you could’ve heard the chains hit the ground, that’s how many He broke off me. Once I’d met Him I knew there was really nothing else for me, except to follow Him wherever He led.

So, began my journey into His heart. Along that road He’s given me the chance—so many times—to stretch my spiritual muscles and share His heart. Right off the bat, I jumped into street evangelism and homeless ministry. Next, I traveled the country sharing Christ in public schools, jails, and rehabs, while also working closely with young men in a Christ-based drug addiction treatment center. This led to my time being trained in inner healing and deliverance ministry. Streams of Arabah was birthed during those years of discipling and leading people in freedom prayer.

God speaks to me in many ways. I’m a seer. I see in the Spirit, but also in the natural from time to time. I’m also a feeler. Holy Spirit communicates to me through various sensations that I feel upon my physical body. The one way He communicates to me that people find most interesting though, is how He speaks to me through numbers and other signs in creation. Often, the people I’ve walked with and discipled are activated in these same spiritual senses and awakened to a greater relational language that God wants to equip them with.

When I first started doing what I was doing for Jesus, it was simply because I wanted other people to experience the love that had set me free. While that is still a goal, I’ve realized over time that what we do is more a ministry to the heart of God, Himself, because your heart is His treasure. Not only do you get to experience a love like no other, but He gets to have more of you. This means so much to me, that our Dad gets to experience you for the exact purpose He created you… intimate relationship.

The most important thing I can tell you is this: Experiencing God has nothing to do with you. He’s going to reveal and express Himself to you because He wants to, because He yearns to be close to you. You are going to see, hear, and encounter Him—not based on what you can or have to do for Him—but only based on what He’s willing to do to be close to you. (And He left heaven for you, didn’t He?) If you’ll just cease from trying, cease from doing, and start just being and receiving… He’ll do it ALL. I look forward to helping you experience the intense freedom you’ll find in just letting go.

Craig Groshans // President


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