Hello! My Name is Anthony. I’m a born again believer and I was completely set free from bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, drug addiction and new age occultism!

Mental disorders and heavy drug use marked pretty much all of my teen and young adult life, up until I met Jesus in June of 2017. I had a radical encounter with God that led me to believe in Jesus and surrender my life to Him completely, but I was still in a lot of bondage. Bipolar disorder and schizophrenia were still deeply ingrained in my identity, and I was heavily afflicted by demonic oppression. It was a pretty severe case. I ended up at a rehab/recovery center for my psychedelic drug abuse and mental disorders in late June of 2017, and that is where I met Craig for the first time.

Craig would come by once a week and teach us all about Jesus and how much He loved us. It was always really powerful and totally life changing when Craig would teach on the love of God, but since I had only just arrived I still was suffering with severe mental disability and confusion. My third week at the center I was staying at, Craig came by with his mentor and friend, Ray. They offered to pray with me regarding the oppression I was facing, and I happily accepted.

Before praying, I was suffering with extremely severe bipolar, schizophrenia, drug addiction, confusion, and depression. We prayed together for over two hours, and the presence of Jesus was so comforting and peaceful the whole time. I had never been so peaceful or content before in my life. Led by the Holy Spirit, Craig and his minister friend commanded all the unclean spirits plaguing me to come out and leave in the name of Jesus. It was such a calm prayer, yet all the demons left! I could feel every demon leaving my body, and as they would leave, a peace that was powerful and indescribable would fill my heart and I experienced joy for the first time.

After our prayer session, my mind was totally silent! No more voices or racing thoughts! I was totally set free! All I knew and experienced was the peace of God totally filling my mind, soul and body! I remember just sitting in my room on the floor, with a smile on my face, just listening to the sound of silence in my mind. Never before in my entire life had I experienced peace and quiet in my own head. That peace, which I now know is the peace that Jesus gives us through Holy Spirit, didn’t just quiet my mind. It totally filled my whole being, and for the first time in my life, I knew what it was like to be loved.

Jesus set me free that day through Craig and Ray’s prayer session, and over an entire year later I have not had a moment where that peace has left me. I have been in touch and in tune with the love of God every day of my life since that beautiful and wonderful day. For over a year now I have been 100% completely and totally off of all medications, with zero symptoms of any mental disorder whatsoever. I have had absolutely no desire for any drugs of any kind, and I have no criminal tendencies at all. I was made an entirely new creation and now my identity is found in Christ and rooted and grounded in love.

After the prayer session, Craig began to disciple me in the things of Christ, teaching me all he knows about the love of God and our identity in him. He never gave up on me, and to this day is ALWAYS there for me. He has prayed me through countless circumstances, answered a thousand questions, and guided me through many adversities. He taught me how to operate in the gifts of the Spirit, and was always able to answer any questions I had. Craig has been consistently walking with the Lord and I can always call him and expect that he will be able to give me a word. It is such an honor and a blessing to call Craig my mentor, but above all of that he is my friend. I don’t know where I would be right now if God hadn’t sent Craig in my life to show me that God loved me.

Without love, we can do nothing. We cannot grow, we cannot receive from God, and we cannot understand Jesus. Freedom is found in God, and God is love. If we don’t know love, then we can’t know freedom. How can someone know something if they were never taught by someone. How can someone find life if they were never guided into the presence of the One who gives it? Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Nobody comes into the presence of God the Father, except through Jesus. I can say without a doubt in my mind that without knowing our Father in Heaven, without receiving His love and knowing Him for who He truly is, there is no way that anyone can find completeness. Craig showed me these things, and guided me into a deep and personal relationship with Jesus.

Craig did more than pray for me and spend time with me. Craig took me by my hand led me to Jesus, face-to-face. Craig didn’t just teach me about life. He introduced me to the One who gives it. I’m eternally grateful for the mentorship and freedom prayer that I received from Craig.

I’m 22 years old and walking in the power of The Spirit. I’m seeing healing miracles everywhere I go. I’ve seen three people get up out of wheelchairs, broken spines healed, joints miraculously replaced, devils cast out, people set free, people saved, and have had countless encounters with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I’ve attended Bible college, done missionary work, and do street evangelism everywhere I go. I pray for the sick and cast out devils. I’ve got a great relationship with my parents and I make music like I’ve never made before. Life is so incredibly amazing, and literally every single day is like a dream I couldn’t even imagine. I cry tears of joy, I laugh all the time, and I’m never not smiling.

Jesus is amazing, and He is my everything.




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