As a missionary with Time to Revive, we’re constantly aware of the spiritual battle, and we’re constantly challenged to grow. In May of 2018, our Texas team traveled to Indiana along with the Wisconsin team and a few others to participate in our semi-annual training week alongside our founder Kyle’s week of teaching the Indiana D-groups for reviveSCHOOL. Craig joined us to be available for prayer and inner healing work during the week. I scheduled a time with him, and so we got together in the afternoon while most of the team was out hitting the streets to share the Gospel.

We covered a lot of ground, but as we were nearing the end of the session, my right forearm started to have some nerve pain. It felt similar to some carpal tunnel pain I have had in the past, but I haven’t done anything recently to create a repetitive stress issue, so I felt pretty strongly that there was a spiritual connection to it. It was closing in on dinner time, and we had been going after it for a while, so we agreed to table it for the evening and check in again later. I do remember walking away with some clarity on a big decision I felt like I had before me. I had the image of a kite flying, and I heard clearly, "Freedom and a tether." This made complete sense to me in the moment, though the backstory is too long to explain here.

That evening, I had a solid night of sleep, but I woke up with a headache. I rarely if ever get headaches. It really felt like someone had taken the blade-edge of a canoe paddle and whacked me across the left eye. It had been a long time since I had had any alcohol, but I felt like I had a hangover. I was starting to get nauseous. As we worshiped it got worse. I asked Craig to help me again. We found a quiet place and started to pray into it. As the pain and the nausea worsened, Craig was instrumental in hearing clearly and guiding me through a prayer with the Lord. As we zeroed in on an area of my life that had been a source of shame in the past, Craig called out a particular sin. At that moment, I threw up, and it was vile and dark looking. I repented, and immediately, the pain started to lessen. We put on some worship music, and I rested for a little bit as Craig prayed over me. The rest of the day was great, and my heart and mind felt free.

After returning to Dallas, I stumbled a bit in the area of that sin, but the Holy Spirit gave me a conviction to leave it behind, and so I've stepped into a new level of freedom.

What I really appreciated about Craig was how effortlessly he guided me into the presence of the Lord, how sensitive he was to the leading of the Spirit, and how gentle and encouraging he was as he spoke to me about my identity in Christ. It helped me to see myself clearly through the eyes of our Father, and it was instrumental in helping me walk in this newfound freedom.




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