To relive my story is two fold. One, it generates the fear, torment and loneliness I felt for so long. Two, it is very cathartic! This is my truth, my story. I can only write this testimony because Craig has given me the tools and the avenues to set me free, to become one with Jesus Christ our Savior.

I was raised in a very strict Catholic family. I am a Christian and so were all 9 of my brothers and sisters. In my teens I was molested by my older brother for about a year. I never told a soul. Back then, in the 70's, the #metoo movement was not spoken about. It did not exist. Little did I know how this molestation would shape my future.

About 5 years ago I would feel a presence at my bed most nights, I'd say 5 nights out of seven. I now understand that I have a sensitivity to the spiritual world. I just have that "feeling" when something else is in the room. I can tell when something is just off. So this spirit would walk around me all night long, just circling me, sometimes touching my leg, my hair, my arm--very subtle touches. It was always freezing around my body too which gave me suspicion. Then about 10 months ago things escalated. I would wake up in the middle of the night being raped by some entity. At first I'm thinking, "Wow this is crazy! I've got to be dreaming!" But then this force became so brazen that I would be awake and being raped. I would have night terrors where my body couldn't move and this large wing like "thing" was sitting on my chest violating my body in every way it could ...with my husband fast asleep 3 feet away. I could not take it anymore. I couldn't share this with anyone! This sounds crazy! Who will believe this???

I found a Catholic reverend with whom I shared my story and he concluded that I needed an exorcism. I had an incubus, a demon who seeks out female victims to have sex with. I first had to find out what in the heck did I do to deserve this torture? I was assured I did nothing. Oddly enough, the molestation opened the door for the incubus to enter my life, like an open wound attracts flies. Craig confirmed that for me. The exorcism was successful and the incubus was sent off, but I continued to feel "touches" in private places at all times of the day. This is where Craig revived me with inner healing and deliverance sessions.

We prayed and we prayed for forgiveness for all those that had hurt me and had affected me in a negative way. Then we prayed for whom I have hurt. One of the persons I needed to forgive was my brother. Holding on to that negative energy was too heavy for me. It took too much energy away from my life and was hindering me from living the best life I could have. We prayed for 2 hours and I can not explain how "light" my inner self became. My heart was not heavy. My soul was free!

Craig did not know me from anywhere. I was fortunate enough to have a friend introduce us, and I'm forever grateful for her and to Craig. He showed me how forgiveness of myself and others can open a door to freedom from all that pain and sorrow and regret. I responded so well to the first session that we even had a few more. Each time I gained more knowledge and self awareness and strength. Craig has taught me not to resist God's love. God is there during adversity and the hardest of times. All I have to do is ask and believe. Thanks to Craig, I am becoming a better version of myself and I like her a lot!! I finally have the FULL freedom I deserve and have worked so hard to achieve. I am proud to know Craig and his purpose, for he is a huge reason I can give this testimony and why I have a heart full of love, forgiveness and mercy.




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